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Adam Christiansen is a lifetime resident of Palmer, Alaska, and a recent graduate of Concordia University, Nebraska, where he studied Journalism & Public Relations and History. Adam enjoys the multitude of activities and opportunities that Alaska has to offer and enjoys documenting them even more.


His relationship with Hatcher Pass began at a young age when his parents, Rod and Temple, took him skiing, sledding, and hiking in the area. The wonderment the Pass gifted him as a youth carried over into early adulthood. While away at school, the Talkeetna Mountains kept calling and in the winter of 2018, Adam pitched a project idea to Last Frontier Magazine and completed an internship with them the following summer, researching and writing about several historic gold mines in the district.

Midway through his internship, Adam contracted gold fever from stories of early days in the Pass and became enamored with the history of prospecting and mining in the district. Being a firm believer in that much of what gives gold worth is the lore surrounding it, Adam wants to preserve that worth by studying the Pass, and discovering some of her best-kept secrets.

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